UX Researcher. Design Thinker.

I am currently a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley School of Information. I have experience in innovation, collaboration, decision making as well as software development, with a penchant for public speaking and communication.

My focus areas are UX research and design, product management, and innovation. I consider myself goal-oriented, always looking for my next challenge. Products are where my passion lies, and I enjoy collaborating to bring the right products to the right people. I believe that effective products can only be created through a genuine understanding of the needs and capabilities of the end user. This kind of approach has let me develop an open mind while constantly building, measuring, and evaluating. Before tackling any problem, I like to take a step back and look at the big picture, which in my experience, is where the solution always lies.

What I Do

I think things through to make sure I am following the right path. These are the skills and tools I use.

  • UX Research

    Contextual Inquiry, Persona Building, Scenario Creation, Heuristic Evaluation
  • Product Design

    Brainstorming, Idea diffusion, Story Boarding, Lo-fi Prototyping, Functional Mockups
  • Management

    Value Proposition, Usability Assessment, Agile Methodology
  • Programming

    Python, Java, SQL, XML,

A Few Projects

Over the last few months, I worked on several projects that supported my growth as an individual and a team player.

Design Home

Directed the user research to inform development of a home page for design community collaboration at Autodesk.
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Designed and prototyped a text messaging platform to help day laborers find local work over a year long project.
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Designed an interactive prototype for a travel application that recommends destinations to users based on budget, dates and preferences.
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Designed a virtual reality interface and business model to allow tetraplegics to work in knowledge sharing professions.
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Get In Touch

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